Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355




Perform Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determinations compliant to officially approved methods in the most cost effective way. Expand your range of applications with the additional features of the K-355.

Key Differences

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  • Entry level instrument for Kjeldahl and other steam distillations

  • Eco-friendly cooling water control to reduce water consumption

  • Plastic splash protector for extended lifetime

Easy to use

  • Simple programming of distillation parameters

  • Straightforward operation and calibration of reagent pumps

  • Multiple method memory for routine analysis with the K-355

Wide-range use

  • Acid resistant pump for additional steam distillation applications

  • Reduction of steam power for gentle distillation

  • Choice of glass or plastic splash protector

Technical Specification

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Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355


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