DVS Intrinsic Plus


Surface Measurement Systems

Surface Measurement Systems

The DVS Intrinsic Plus is the smallest automated DVS for complex water sorption challenges from Surface Measurement Systems. The Intrinsic Plus was designed to meet the needs of the small to mid-sized laboratories and plants. It combines ease of use with a low capital investment and maintenance burden.

The system incorporates the SMS UltrabalanceTM, and industry leading electronics. The user interface combined with the step-by-step software wizards yield high performance with minimal operator training. The unit’s small footprint makes optimal use of limited bench top space.

Key Differences

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Instrument features include:

  • High quality water isotherms and efficient water activity measurements

  • Step-by-step software wizards guide users through routine procedures

  • Smallest, compact design that makes optimal use of limited bench space – only 26cm wide

  • Advanced electronics and simplified user interface

  • Accommodates wide variety of sample geometries and up to 5 gram capacity

  • SMS UltraBalanceTMprovides unrivalled sensitivity and baseline stability

  • Built-in Network Connectivity for easy data sharing and remote analysis

  • Supports 21 CFR part 11


  • Studying hygroscopicity of powders, fibers and solids

  • Kinetics of water sorption and desorption

  • Water induced morphology changes

  • Food shelf-life prediction studies

  • TEWL/Transepidermal Water Loss

  • MVTR/ Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate determination

  • Calculation of Diffusion Coefficients

  • Sorption Modeling

  • Moisture Compatibility

  • Water Activity Measurements

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Materials Studied:

  • Pharmaceuticals: powders, tablets, API’s and excipient materials

  • Food: powders, processed food, biscuits

  • Natural materials: grains/seed, wood

  • Building materials: aggregates, cement, ceramics

  • Personal care products: cosmetics, hair care, contact lenses

  • Packaging materials: paper, plastics

Technical Specification

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Temperature range 20–40 °C (standard)

Maximum sample mass (low/high mass instrument) 1g/5 g

Mass change (low/high mass instrument) +/- 150 mg/1.0 g

Stability (24 hours @ 25 ºC and 0% RH)

(low/high mass instrument) <5 μg/<50 μg

Mass resolution (low/high mass instrument) +/- 0.1μg/1.0μg

Humidity Range 0–98%RH

Temperature stability +/- 0.2 ºC

Gas flow rate 200 sccm

Sample chamber 40mm W x 50mm D x 50mm H

Reservoir volume 100 ml reservoir capacity

Heating system Peltier + Cartridges

Weight: 22 kg

Size approximately 26cm W x 39cm D x 47cm H

Inlet pressure: 2 to 4 Bar

Carrier gas: Air or N2

Computer interface TCP/IP and USB/RS232

DVS Intrinsic Plus


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