CF2000 Centrifugal FFF - Particle Separator
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The most Advanced System for High Resolution Separation and Fractionation of Nanoparticles!
Principle and Advantages of CF3
The new advanced Postnova CF2000 Series was developed to become the first professional modular Centrifugal FFF system available. It is completely controlled by the NovaFFF single software platform which runs the entire system from autosampler to detectors. The CF2000 Centrifugal FFF incorporates the combined proven know-how and the technologies from three decades of leadership in FFF. Due to its unique design, the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF system offers more flexibility, higher robustness and better performance than traditional particle sizer systems. The CF2000 allows high resolution particle separation and sizing at the same time and consequently sets a complete new standard and offers a real alternative to traditional particle characterization techniques.
Broad Separation Range
The CF2000 system has a wide separation range and is able to separate smaller species, such as proteins and polymers, from larger particles in one run with high resolution. The system is ideal for nanoparticles and is also suitable for the microparticle range. Typical samples for the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF are latex, silica, TiO2, ZnO, Ag and Au particles. But also sediment and various organic and inorganic particles from surface, ground and waste waters can be separated and further analyzed after fractionation. In contrast to traditional particle sizing techniques, which work in the batch mode, the Centrifugal FFF technique physically separates each particle fraction prior to sizing. This avoids numerous disadvantages of the batch techniques such as low size resolution, discrimination and underestimation of smaller by larger particles. Same as with Flow FFF no special sample treatment is necessary as they can be injected directly without filtration, allowing the characterization of quite complex particulate sample systems without alteration and damage.
Particle Size and Density Separation
The CF2000 Series system is based on the Centrifugal FFF principle using a centrifugal field as driving force for the separation. Particles affected by this field are separated by Dynamic Diffusion on the basis of both the Particle Size and Density. This unique feature allows the separation of different particle materials having the same particle size. The separation can be further optimized by the use of different eluents and various temperature programs. Therefore, the CF2000 can be ideally used for separation of complex particle samples in the area of Environmental, Food-Agro-Cosmetics and Nanomaterials.
Advanced Centrifugal FFF Detection
In order to enable the user to fully access this wide application range, the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF is available with various add-on modules and special FFF detectors, such as Refractive Index (RI), Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). All Postnova FFF modules and FFF detectors have been especially designed for FFF and been optimized not only for the use with the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF but also for the other Postnova FFF versions. Additionally, the CF2000 Series has been designed for easy interfacing with existing high-end detection technologies from leading instrument suppliers so that the user can ideally integrate the Postnova FFF technology into the existing laboratory infrastructure in order to maximize efficiency and investment.

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CF2000 Centrifugal FFF - Particle Separator

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