Malvern Panalytical

Malvern Panalytical

Archimedes Sizing from Buoyant Mass Archimedes is an innovative instrument which uses the technique of resonant mass measurement to detect and accurately size and count particles in the size range 50nm to 5um*. Archimedes can distinguish different species from their buoyant mass is particularly useful when characterizing proteinaceous aggregates from contaminating silicon oil in biopharmaceutical preparations, in distinguishing bubbles from lipid micelles and contaminants in ultrasound contrast agents or protein from fat in dairy products.​ *Sample and sensor dependent

Key Differences

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Central to the innovative, high performance Archimedes system is a MEMS…….add other parameters​

  • Low sample consumption​

  • Particle by particle analysis for size and concentration​

  • Resolution at atto gram scale​

  • Distinguish and simultaneously measure 2 material types​

  • User friendly software​

  • Multiple data views with 1-click​

  • Determine fluid density​

And is a truly orthogonal technology to light scattering methods for this size range.

Archimedes is an innovative, high-performance system which harnesses the technique of resonant mass measurement in order to detect and count particles in the size range 50nm - 5µm* and to measure particle mass and size. Archimedes is uniquely positioned to quantitatively measure protein aggregates in biotherapeutics in the size range 200nm - 5µm, highlighted as a particular concern for immunogenicity and product safety.

Central to Archimedes is a MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology sensor, allowing the highly sensitive, reliable and reproducible measurement of aggregates, one by one. Archimedes is also capable of providing information on sample concentration, polydispersity, density and volume, and distinguishing between negatively buoyant proteinaceous particles and positively buoyant contaminating silicone oil droplets.


Parameters measured:

  • Particle number.

  • Particle size.

  • Particle buoyant mass.

  • Particle dry mass.

  • Particle density.

  • Particle surface area.

  • Sample volume.

  • Sample concentration (particles/mL).

  • Sample density.


Key Benefits:

  • Ideally positioned for biopharmaceutical manufacturers and developers.

  • Unique and accurate particle counting capability in the size range 50nm - 5µm.

  • Exquisite sensitivity: measurement of particle mass to 450ag.

  • Highly accurate particle size measurement from 50nm to 5µm.

  • Excellent size resolution, <20nm at 1µm diameter.

  • Low sample consumption: only 100µL.

  • Differentiation between negatively buoyant and positively buoyant particles.

  • Capable of measuring high concentration samples (to 109 particles/mL) and high viscosity samples (to 50cP).

  • Fast, NIST-traceable calibration.

  • Highly reproducible results.

  • Intuitive and flexible ParticleLab software.


*Sample and sensor dependent

The Malvern Panalytical Archimedes can be used in many key applications, including:


With the ultimate goal of product quality, safety and efficacy, protein aggregate content of biotherapeutics should be measured and characterized under rigorous conditions, enabling maximum data integrity. Archimedes provides robust and repeatable measurements of protein aggregates 200nm – 5um in size.  When biotherapeutics are dosed pre-filled syringes, the silicon oil lubricant can contribute to the generation of aggregates and result in an immunogenic response. Archimedes is uniquely placed to differentiate contaminating silicon oil droplets from protein aggregates in a formulation.

Microbubbles/Ultra-sound Contrast Agents (UCA)​

Utility of UCA within medical imaging depends on their number concentration and their size distribution. However contaminating materials such as micelles can compromise their effectiveness. Archimedes’ RRM technology has the unique ability to distinguish and characterize positive buoyant bubbles from negative buoyant micelles and other contaminants that do not contribute to the ultrasound intensity.

Food & Dairy​

The size and composition of both milk fat particles as well as casein particles has been shown to affect the firmness of cheese, creaminess of ice cream and the flavour and mouth feel of chocolate. Archimedes’ RMM technology simultaneous measures the size of both fat-like and protein-like particles 200nm-5um in size. ​ This property allows the system to accurately quantify the mass-based size distribution of each component ensuring consistency in product quality.


From metallic nanoparticles to crystals, Archimedes is the tool for you if accuracy between 50nm -5µm is your focus. Archimedes has been utilized extensively to measure a variety of materials such as  metal oxides, silica, nanorods, metallic nanoparticles, calcite, inks, pigments, fragrance oils, graphite, CMP slurries, polymeric microspheres, iron oxide, silicon nitride…….and more

Technical Specification

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Archimedes is able to measure a wide range of parameters simply and quickly, following the principles of resonant mass measurement.


Measurement type 1: Particle Size

Measurement range: 50nm* - 5µm.

Accuracy: Better than +/- 1% on NIST traceable latex standards.

Precision / Repeatability: Better than +/- 1% on NIST traceable latex standards.

Resolution: Better than +/- 20nm at 1µm, polystyrene beads in H2O.


Measurement type 2: Particle Buoyant Mass

Lower Limit of Detection: 450ag.

Accuracy: Better than +/- 3% on NIST traceable latex standards.

Precision / Repeatability: Better than +/- 3% on NIST-traceable latex standards.


Measurement type 3: Particle Counting/Sample Concentration

Measurement range: 105 particles/ml – 109 particles/ml.

Accuracy: Better than +/- 10% on NIST traceable latex standards.

Precision / Repeatability: Better than +/- 5% on NIST traceable latex standards.


Measurement principle: Resonant Mass Measurement.

Drawn sample volume:


Measured Sample Volume Range: 10nL - 10µL.

Sample Viscosity Range: <1 cP - 50 cP

Accuracy in Fluid Density: <0.002g/cc for densities in range 0.8g/cc – 1.2g/cc.

Patents: US 8087284 B2.

Light source: 685nm, 35mW laser.

Weight and dimensions

Dimensions (W, D, H): 610mm x 585mm x 305mm.

Weight: 23.6kg.

Power: 110V or 220V.


Operating environment

Temperature: 18°C – 25°C.

Humidity: 35% - 80% non-condensing.


Sample dependent



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