ADI 2045TI Ex proof Analyzer

Metrohm Process Analytics
Metrohm Process Analytics

The ADI 2045TI Ex proof Process Analyzer is used in hazardous environments where explosion proof protection is a critical safety requirement. The analyzer fulfills EU Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and is certified for Zone-1 and Zone-2 areas. The analyzer design combines a purge/pressurization system with intrinsic safety electronic devices. The air purging phase and permanent overpressure prevents any potentially explosive atmosphere in the ambient air from entering the analyzer enclosure. The analyzer smart design avoids the need for purging large analyzer shelters and can be located at the production line in the hazardous zone.

Titration, Karl Fischer titration, photometry, measurements with ion selective electrodes, and direct measurements are all possible with this Ex-p version.

Key Differences
Technical Specification

Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C

Ingress Protection IP66/NEMA4

Number of sample streams 1 to 10

Weight kg 125

ADI 2045TI Ex proof Analyzer