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930 Compact IC Flex




The 930 Compact IC Flex is a versatile ion chromatograph developed with a focus on the requirements of routine users.

It is robust and very easy to use. Hence, contract laboratories and quality control laboratories from all sectors with clearly defined analytical requirements will find the 930 Compact IC Flex their solution of choice.

Experience the versatility of the 930 Compact IC Flex and put together the system for your application.

Key Differences

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Superior sensitivity for the analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances

  • Small footprint
  • Low cost of ownership: save money on consumables
  • Straightforward automation for high sample throughput
  • Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation for challenging matrices

Technical Specification

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Less consumables – Metrohm ion chromatography systems help you to keep operation costs low:

  • You don’t need to replace syringe filters or filter caps.
  • You can use the Metrohm anion suppressor for 10 years – guaranteed!
  • The systems and hardware components are rugged and robust.

In addition, our systems allow you to boost productivity:

  • Ultrafiltration: inline removal of particles.
  • Automated dilution factor calculation and sample dilution.
  • Automatic calibration based on a single multi-ion standard.

Flexible – and up to any job

You will be amazed what you can do with your 930 Compact IC Flex.

Use any kind of suppression, apply UV/VIS, conductivity, or amperometric detection, and benefit from the most important Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation Techniques – there is hardly any option that the 930 Compact IC Flex does not allow. Moreover, a system for analyzing anions can be refitted to analyze cations without much effort.

930 Compact IC Flex


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