894 Professional CVS semiautomated

894 Professional CVS semiautomated is a convenient, high-end routine analyzer for the determination of organic additives in electroplating baths using "Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping" (CVS), "Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping" (CPVS) and Chronopotentiometry (CP). The proven Metrohm electrode technique in combination with a completely newly designed potentiostat/galvanostat and the extremely high-performance viva software opens up new perspectives in CVS. The replaceable measuring head enables rapid changes between various applications with different electrodes. The potentiostat with certified calibrator readjusts itself automatically before each measurement and guarantees a maximum in precision. The integrated temperature measurement input allows you to monitor the solution temperature during the measurement.

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894 Professional CVS semiautomated

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