876 Manual Titrator plus


Manual titrator with result calculation for manual titrations and dosings. Including magnetic stirrer, push-button cable for manual dosing control and 20 mL exchange unit. A multitude of instruments can be connected at the USB interface of the Dosimat plus, even a number of them simultaneously when a USB hub is used (keyboard, mouse, USB compact printer or USB DIN A4 printer, USB Memory Stick for methods and data backup). The optional 6.2148.030 USB/RS-232 Adapter Box enables the connection of laboratory balances and operation with a computer. With its two dosing modes, the Dosimat plus offers the following applications:

DOS (Dosing) – Dosing at the press of a button

This mode is particularly suitable for performing manual titrations with indicator. A result can be calculated and a result report can be printed automatically from the dosed volume.

Key Differences
Technical Specification

XDOS (Extended dosing) – Controlled dosing

  • Fixed volume dosing: The volume and the dosing rate are specified.

  • Time-controlled dosing: The volume and the time are specified.

  • Dosing according to dosing rate: The dosing rate and the time are specified.

876 Manual Titrator plus
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