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8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System




The Agilent 8700 Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) chemical imaging system provides a sophisticated new approach to chemical imaging and IR spectral analysis. Designed to be used by both experts and nonexperts alike, the 8700 LDIR provides a simple highly automated approach for obtaining reliable high-definition chemical images of constituents on surface.

Using the 8700 LDIR, you can analyze more samples, in greater detail, in minutes vs. hours. This robust solution provides you with more statistical data than ever to aid in the compositional analysis of tablets, laminates, tissues, polymers, and fibers. With more meaningful information available, you can make more informed, faster decisions in product development reducing both costs and analysis time.

Key Differences

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  • Both expert spectroscopists and trained technicians are able to analyze and characterize samples rapidly and accurately due to automated sample analysis
  • Ability to survey and image large sample areas and then interrogate smaller areas of interest in more detail without changing any optics
  • Full control using Agilent Clarity Software
  • Change the field of view from microns to centimeters or the pixel size from 1 to 40 µm.
  • Acquire ATR imaging data with pixel size as small as 0.1 μm for unmatched image detail and spectral quality
  • Rapidly identify unknowns using either commercial or custom libraries via ATR capabilities
  • Obtain relative quantitative information of sample constituents without complex method development
  • No requirement for liquid nitrogen reduces operating costs and simplifies maintenance
  • Minimal instrument interaction required – simple load and go methods
  • Small footprint – saves laboratory bench space

Technical Specification

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DimensionsWidth: 16 inches (420 mm)
Height: 15 inches (378 mm)
Depth: 24 inches (615mm)Power100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

SoftwareRequires: Windows 10
Supplied with Agilent Clarity Software

Light source: Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)

Detector: Thermoelectrically cooled single point MCT detector

8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System


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