5800 ICP-OES



The Agilent 5800 ICP-OES Instrument is an optical spectrometer designed for busy labs looking to reclaim wasted time. With its ecosystem of embedded sensors, using smart algorithms and diagnostics you can identify problems before they happen, maximizing uptime and minimizing the number of samples you need to remeasure.
No other inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) can give you this level of insight into both your samples and instrument health, so let the 5800 ICP-OES, with the powerful ICP Expert software, help you to get the right result, first time, every time.

Key Differences

  • Learn more about your samples using Agilent’s unique IntelliQuant feature. Capturing data from the entire wavelength range, IntelliQuant identifies spectral interferences and provides recommendations to ensure you get the right answers every time.
  • Track your instrument health the smart way reducing downtime and maintenance costs with sensors and counters that guide the user when maintenance is needed.
  • Prevent wasted time and the cost of troubleshooting with the Neb Alert feature that continuously monitors the nebulizer, alerting you when the nebulizer needs cleaning or is leaking.
  • ICP Expert includes data analytics and smart algorithms that help take the guesswork out of method development and automate troubleshooting including Fitted Background Correction (FBC), Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT), Inter Element Correction (IEC), IntelliQuant.
  • Reduce cleaning, downtime and ensure fewer replacement torches with the 5800’s vertically oriented torch design.
  • As the smallest ICP-OES available, the 5800 not only saves valuable bench space, but reduces costs of ownership as well. The optical layout is compact, so is quick to purge, reducing the wait time before samples can be measured.

Technical Specification

Dimensions (W x D x H) : 625 mm x 740 mm x 887 mmThe new Agilent 5800 ICP-OES Spectrometer is available in two configurations, Vertical Dual View (VDV) and Radial View (RV). Both configurations feature the unique detection system, that delivers fast simultaneous measurement over the full 167 to 785 nm wavelength range, the vertical torch and new optical design with Freeform optical technology that enhances sensitivity and resolution.All configurations come standard with Mass flow-controlled nebulizer, plasma gas, auxiliary gas and make-up gas. The 5800 ICP-OES also includes an Easy-Fit Torch, Double Pass Spray Chamber, SeaSpray Nebulizer, sample and waste pump tubing, sample introduction system.

5800 ICP-OES


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