2060 Process Analyzer

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Metrohm Process Analytics

The 2060 Process Analyzer is an online wet chemistry analyzer that is suitable for countless applications. This process analyzer offers a new modularity concept consisting of a central platform, which is called a «basic cabinet».

The basic cabinet consists of two parts. The upper part contains a touch screen and an industrial PC. The lower part contains the flexible wet part where the hardware for the actual analysis is housed. If the basic wet part capacity is not sufficient enough to solve an analytical challenge, then the basic cabinet can be expanded to up to four additional wet part cabinets to ensure enough space to solve even the most challenging applications. The additional cabinets can be configured in such a way that each wet part cabinet can be combined with a reagent cabinet with integrated (non-contact) level detection to increase analyzer uptime.

The 2060 process analyzer offers different wet chem techniques: titration, Karl Fischer titration, photometry, direct measurement and standard additions methods.

To meet all project requirements (or to meet all your needs) sample preconditioning systems can be provided to guarantee a robust analytical solution. We can provide any sample preconditioning system, such as cooling or heating, pressure reduction and degassing, filtration, and many more.

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2060 Process Analyzer
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