2060 Human Interface

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The 2060 Human Interface (HI) is a reliable industrial process controller with a rugged enclosure and high-definition touch screen. Designed with IP65 protection in mind, this process controller is perfect for all industries, especially in harsh environments.

The 2060 HI is part of the 2060 process platform, which means that it is highly versatile and flexible in accordance to Metrohm Process Analytics design philosophy. With that concept in mind, the 2060 HI is designed to be connected to our family of process spectrometers (Near-infrared and Raman) and to wet chemistry analyzers (titration and ion chromatography) to tackle any industrial challenge.

The 2060 software integrated in this process controller is an «all-in-one» software solution that controls process analyzers to perform routine analysis, with different operation methods, time sheets, and trend charts. Furthermore, thanks to the variety of process communication protocols (e.g. Modbus or Discrete I/O), the 2060 software is programmable to send automatic feedback and alarms to the process and take corrective action if necessary (e.g., re-measure a sample, validation standard or start a cleaning cycle). All of these features ensure fully automatic and smart diagnostics of the industrial process – around the clock, seven days a week

Key Differences

Technical Specification

Ambient Temperature 40°C

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 645/365/301

Dimensions remark 2060 HI dimensions without stand

Weight kg 25

2060 Human Interface


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