2035 Process Analyzer - Potentiometric

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The 2035 Process Analyzer for Potentiometric Titration and Ion-Selective Measurements performs analyses with dedicated electrodes and titrants. Additionally, this version of the 2035 Process Analyzer is also suitable for Ion-Selective Analysis using Metrohm high performance electrodes. This accurate standard addition technique is ideal for more difficult sample matrices.

The potentiometric version of the analyzer offers the most accurate results of all measuring techniques available on the market. With far more than 1000 applications already available, titration is also one of the most used methods for analysis in almost any industry for hundreds of components varying from acid/base analysis to metal concentrations in plating baths.

Titration is one of the most widespread absolute chemical methods in use today. The technique is straightforward with no need for calibration.

Key Differences

Technical Specification

Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 660/925/550

Dimensions remark Dimensions with table stand

Ingress Protection IP66/NEMA4

Number of sample streams 1 to 10

Weight kg 60

2035 Process Analyzer - Potentiometric


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