µStat 8000P Multi Potentiostat


Metrohm Dropsens

Metrohm Dropsens

μStat 8000P is a portable Multi Potentiostat that can be applied for Voltammetric or Amperometric measurements, being able to perform up to 8 different independent measurements at the same time, including also a multichannel mode that allows you to work with up to 8 working electrodes sharing auxiliary and reference electrode. Li-ion Battery powered, it can be easily connected to a PC via USB or Bluetooth®.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Current accuracy ≤0.5 % of current range at 100 nA to 1 mA ; ≤1 % of current range at 10 mA to 100 mA

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 205 x 75 x 222

External inputs/outputs 5 Digital Input/Output pins [PIO 1, PIO 2, PIO 3, PIO 4, PIO 5] ; 3 Analog Inputs multiplexing PIO 1, PIO 2, PIO 3 ; 2 Analog Outputs (configurable I-out or E-out)

Maximum current in Ampère ±80 mA

Maximum number of channels 8

Maximum number of WE sharing AUX and REF 8

Measured current resolution 0.025 % of current range (1 pA on lowest current range)

Multichannel instrument YES

Number of current ranges 9

Number of current ranges remarks ±1 nA to ±100 mA

Operating modes 8x 1 Channel Potentiostat ; 1x 8 Channel Potentiostat

PC interface Bluetooth® ; USB

Potential accuracy ±0.2 %

Potential range in volt ±4 V

Potential resolution 1 mV

Power Li-ion Battery (6150 mAh) ; USB ; DC charger adaptor compatible (5 V, 15 W)

Weight of the instrument in kg 1.6

µStat 8000P Multi Potentiostat


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