µStat 200 Bipotentiostat


Metrohm Dropsens

Metrohm Dropsens

μStat 200 is a portable BiPotentiostat that can be applied for Voltammetric or Amperometric measurements and can be used with one- or two-working electrodes configuration. USB powered.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Current resolution0.1 % of current range (10 pA on lowest current range)

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D)54 x 23 x 80

External inputs/outputs5 generic digital I/O pins (5V TTL) ; I-out: Analog output for cell current monitoring ; 0 V and +5 V supply outputs

Maximum current in Ampère±200 µA

Maximum number of channels1

Maximum number of WE sharing AUX and REF2

Multichannel instrumentNO

Number of current ranges6

Number of current ranges remarks1 nA to 100 µA

Operating modesBipotentiostat ; Potentiostat

PC interfaceUSB

Potential accuracy≤0.1%

Potential range in volt±2 V

Potential resolution1 mV

PowerUSB ; 5V / 45 mA max

Weight of the instrument in kg0.09

µStat 200 Bipotentiostat


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