Postnova Analytics is a dynamic and innovative company with a very focused mission:

We want to solve the analytical problems of our customers based in biotechnology, polymer and particle science - quickly, competently and in a highly professional manner. To deliver on this promise and to completely meet our customers’ needs, Postnova Analytics embraces the following values and guidelines:


Advanced Analytical Products

  • Postnova always and only offers high quality products

  • Postnova offers the newest and most innovative technologies available

  • Postnova only chooses leading manufacturers as supply partner


Powerful Product Portfolio

  • Postnova has formed a complete product portfolio (systems, supplies, services)

  • Postnova has focused only on Field-Flow Fractionation and Light Scattering

  • Postnova offers complete solutions from one source with high expertise


Strong Customer Support

  • Postnova has a highly qualified customer support team

  • Postnova is always looking for long term partnerships with our customers

  • Postnova provides the ultimate solution to make customers successful: Quality & Support


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