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Questron Technologies

QAsh 1800
Questron Technologies

QAsh achieves fast ashing times by combining in-situ airflow with a microwave. It has a large floor area to accommodate a large number of samples and is suitable for polymers, oils, food, pulp, sludge, and many other sample types. Ashing System With Furnace

QPlate – Wireless Block Digestion Systems
Questron Technologies

QPlate SeriesTeflon® coated graphite for temperatures up to 230 ºC. Anodized Aluminium slabs for up to 400 ºC operation . Standard size with overall dimensions of 40 x 23 x 7 inches and heated work surface of 36 x 14 inches. Customized sizes done as per the clients’ specific requirements.

Questron Technologies

• 208-240VAC, 50/ 60Hz, 15A, Fully CSA, and UL compliant oven
• Dual Magnetrons for high power digestions
• Wireless control by Android based tablet computer QL-101-501
• Powerful and friendly user interface with touch screen, 7” display
• Preloaded EPA 3015, 3051 3052 and other digestion methods
• Unlimited digestion recipes can be developed and stored
• Software allows users to edit, save and run methods. Printouts are also
• Ports to transfer methods or update software with data storage of about 6 GB
• Temperature and pressure monitoring and real-time graphical display of
digestion parameters of each vessel
• IR temperature sensing for remote/ non-invasive temperature measurement
of all vessels
• Facility of additional in-situ pressure sensing vessel and/ or temperature sensing
vessel. This is not necessary as every vessel is monitored with a non-contact
• Capable of identifying vessel in case of over pressure
• Microwave power available in small increments
• Rotating antenna and 360° carousel rotation ensuring uniform microwave heating
• Ease of loading carousel vessel by vessel within the system
• Real-time graphical display for digestion parameters
• High efficiency 150 CFM, 2-speed blower built-in for fume exhaust and
post-digestion vessel cooling inside the oven
• Corrosion resistant PTFE coated reinforced stainless-steel cavity and acid resistant
polymer shell for long life
• Cavity volume 56 litres 40 X 40 X 36 (h x d x w)
• System cavity has a capability of sensing device to automatically turn off the
system if a vessel event occurs
• Spring-loaded door that automatically relieves pressure in the case of a vessel
event to provide additional safety
• Up to 1800 Watts power output
• 2450 MHz magnetron frequency
• Magnetron power cut-off in case of over limit pressure release
• Full absorption of reflected microwave energy at 100% power
• Auto Shut off function for system shut down if full power is applied over a specified
time to prevent runaway reaction
• Compatible with Questron 18-eVHP or 40-LVHT vessel sets
• Option of QBlock pre- and post-digestion treatment of samples in microwave
digestion vessel liner itself to minimise contamination, concentrate samples, boric
acid treatment for excess HF acid or evaporate excess acids
• Requires 60-65psi air at 1-2 litres per minute with ¼” pneumatic connection for
plastic pipe

QBlock Wireless
Questron Technologies

Multi-Block Temperature Controller QBlock Wireless Digestion system is the only system which can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks providing unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen based wireless controller.

Questron Technologies

Spikes sample with internal standards
Performs multiple dilutions
Prepares calibration and QC standards
Serial dilutions and aliquot transfers
Consistent and precise reagent addition

Questron Technologies

Vulcan is the first automated workstation to combine the two essential steps of sample preparation; digestions and aliquot transfer.

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