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QAsh 1800
Questron Technologies

QAsh achieves fast ashing times by combining in-situ airflow with a microwave. It has a large floor area to accommodate a large number of samples and is suitable for polymers, oils, food, pulp, sludge, and many other sample types. Ashing System With Furnace

QPlate – Wireless Block Digestion Systems
Questron Technologies

QPlate SeriesTeflon® coated graphite for temperatures up to 230 ºC. Anodized Aluminium slabs for up to 400 ºC operation . Standard size with overall dimensions of 40 x 23 x 7 inches and heated work surface of 36 x 14 inches. Customized sizes done as per the clients’ specific requirements.

QBlock Wireless
Questron Technologies

Multi-Block Temperature Controller QBlock Wireless Digestion system is the only system which can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks providing unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen based wireless controller.

Questron Technologies

QLABPro Close Vessel Microwave Digestion QLABPro provides versatility, safety, productivity in closed and open vessel microwave digestions, microwave extraction, microwave evaporation and microwave synthesis system. The system monitors temperature and pressure of each digestion vessel and has user-independent safety features guarantee safe digestions.

Questron Technologies

Vulcan is the first automated workstation to combine the two essential steps of sample preparation; digestions and aliquot transfer.

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