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Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments

Faster, More Accurate Benchtop NMR Rock Core Analysis
GeoSpec is the industry standard NMR rock core analyser, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide.

Three GeoSpec Benchtop NMR Rock Core Analyser models are available operating at 2, 12 and 20MHz, handling samples from ½ to 6 inches diameter. With integrated Green Imaging Technology software and accessories to suit all users from routine rock core analysis to advanced petrophysics research.

The GeoSpec Core Analyser 2MHz models are the industry standard for routine measurements of relaxation distributions, allowing the prediction of basic petrophysical parameters such as porosity, free and bound fluid determinations and T2 cutoff.

These instruments operate at 2MHz to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools. Higher field (12 and 20MHz) GeoSpec models are available for situations where higher sensitivity is required, for example, very low porosity samples, and for special applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The GeoSpec Benchtop NMR range of instruments is the result of a successful long-term collaboration between Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies (GIT), the world leaders in hardware and software for NMR core analysis.

Oxford Instruments

High Performance Time Domain NMR Research System
The MQR is a high performance TD-NMR research system designed for applications based on relaxation and/or diffusion measurements. The system includes a high performance digital spectrometer, 20MHz (0.47T) permanent magnet, and a choice of interchangeable 10, 18 and 26mm probes.

20MHz TD-NMR research system
High performance digital spectrometer
T1 and T2 diffusion measurements
Pulsed field gradients and VT probe options
Data analysis options including 2D data sets
User programmable with open data environment

Oxford Instruments

The MQC+ benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analyser measures oil, water, fluorine and solid fat in a variety of samples and is typically used for quality assurance and quality control. It also measures the physical properties of materials such as polymer crystallinity/density and molecular weight. Analysis using the MQC+ takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, which means that a high volume of samples can be processed quickly and efficiently. Watch the video.

To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, MQC+ analysers can be used with the MQ-Auto sample automation system.

Oxford Instruments

Broadband Benchtop NMR
X-Pulse is a revolution in the flexibility of benchtop NMR. Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature with superior spectral resolution, X-Pulse lets you perform a wide range of experiments on the bench in your lab.

X-Pulse uses a 60MHz permanent magnet with high homogeneity and temperature stability making it easy to position in a lab and requires no liquid cryogens. X-Pulse may be used with either standard 5mm NMR tubes, or our easy-to-use flow cell.

The X-Pulse benchtop NMR system is controlled by a new and improved version of our SpinFlow data acquisition software making it easier to perform routine experiments and more flexible than ever for advanced users.

Pulsed field gradients and shaped RF pulses are available as standard for coherence selection, selective excitation and water and solvent suppression.

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