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BioVIS is a probe for the inline monitoring of total cell growth and biomass within a bioreactor, enabling culture growth kinetics to be tracked and logged. It removes or reduces the need for online sampling, thereby simplifying measurements, reducing contamination risks, and conserving the culture media volume.

The probe can be produced at any length, making it suitable for any desired vessel size, and it is compatible with all major brands of bioreactors. The BioVIS Multiplex is designed for use with multiple bioreactors, enabling total cell density to be tracked across all parallel cultures

BioXplorer 400


The BioXplorer 400 boosts productivity and enables screening of cell culture conditions in larger culture volumes. The modular design and extensive list of options make the BioXplorer 400 adaptable to a wide range of applications, including microbial fermentation, C1 Gas fermentation and cell culture. This makes the BioXplorer 400 suitable for process development, Design of Experiment (DoE) studies, or essential research.

With fully automated control of either four or eight bioreactors, the BioXplorer 400 supports cell culture working volumes of between 20 ml and 400 ml. The individual control of each reactor enables the running of replicate samples with unique conditions, or any combination that your experiment requires. Multiple systems can be run from the same control PC for extended experiments.


– Parallel processing of 4 independent reactors, in a small footprint
– Choice of reactor sizes and types including elevated pressure design (5 bar or 10 bar options)
– Fully automated parallel processing of up to 4 independent reactors
– Integrated individual liquid and gas feeds with options for gas mixing

Tandem Off Gas Analyzers


The Tandem gas analyzer systems will give you real-time, on-line data that helps you understand and control your cell culture experiments. Specifically designed for CO2 and O2 exhaust gas analysis from cell culture experiments, the tandem range fits onto a wide range of systems, from different manufacturers.

Key Features
– Get deeper understanding of your cell cultures on-line
– With greater control, increase the reliability and repeatability of your process
– Automate your processes and controls, based on real-time feedback
– Flexible design allows the same data to be recovered from all your reactors

BioXplorer 100


The BioXplorer 100 is a bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform, typically with 125 ml volume reactors. It is typically utilized in:

The latter stages of screening / early stages of process development
It has the same design, inputs, and outputs as larger systems, thus facilitating a greater number of investigative variables than a microplate or shake flask, but with an increased number of parallel samples than larger bioreactor systems. This combination of relatively high throughput with high information content enables better decision-making for scale-up and thus can speed up development.

The BioXplorer 100 is available as both a low- and high-pressure variant, enabling access to a wide range of applications ranging from standard gas fermentation and aerobic cultures to facilitating studies into decarbonizing high-pressure C1 gas fermentation.

BioXplorer 5000


The BioXplorer 5000 bioreactor is ideally suited to drive your cell culture scale-up efficiency while staying on the bench. With culture volumes between 500 ml and 20 L, the BioXplorer 5000 provides fully automated control of your cell culture.

The systems are available either in standard configurations or can be customized to meet your requirements. With our open system architecture and flexible software offering simple upgrade and integration options.

The BioXplorer 5000 range is ideal for:

Microbial and mammalian cell culture and gas fermentation
Elevated (high) pressure design optional
Process development and optimization and scale-up studies
Increase your process knowledge and take advantage of an exhaustive list of standard options and innovative features including automated inventory monitoring, online cell density analysis, and automatic KLa determination. You can also add specific gas feeds to run cultures at elevated pressures, under aerobic or anaerobic conditions, ideal for C1 gas studies.

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