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קו מוצרים פוטנציוסטטים קומפקטיים

פוטנציוסטטים ניידים

פוטנציאוסטטים מודולרים


פוטניאוסטט רב ערוצי

שטח עבודה הופך להיות מצרך מבוקש יותר ויותר במעבדות מחקר מודרניות. לכן, מכשירים קטנים יותר מאפשרים ניצול מקסימלי של שטח העבודה הפנוי ולהרחיב את מגוון הניסויים והמדידות במעבדה.

Metrohm Autolab

The entry level in the Autolab range of electrochemical instruments, the Autolab/PGSTAT101 in combination with the powerful NOVA software, can be used for most of the standard electrochemical techniques. Autolab/PGSTAT101 is an affordable potentiostat/galvanostat without compromising on quality and specifications, making it an ideal instrument for students and educational purposes.
The small footprint allows you to place a high quality potentiostat/galvanostat on a crowded workbench. Analog and digital inputs and outputs for interfacing and controlling external devices are available. The Autolab/PGSTAT101 comes with an internal dummy cell and a built-in analog integrator.

Metrohm Autolab

The PGSTAT204 combines the small footprint with a modular design. The instrument includes a base potentiostat/galvanostat with a compliance voltage of 20 V and a maximum current of 400 mA or 10 A in combination with the BOOSTER10A. The potentiostat can be expanded at any time with one additional module, for example the FRA32M electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) module.

The PGSTAT204 is an affordable instrument which can be located anywhere in the lab. Analog and digital inputs/outputs are available to control Autolab accessories and external devices are available. The PGSTAT204 includes a built-in analog integrator. In combination with the powerful NOVA software it can be used for most of the standard electrochemical techniques.

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