Eden Labs was founded way back in 1996, in Columbus, Ohio well before the current Green Rush (but at the outset of medical marijuana legalization in California), to create extraction equipment for botanicals. Before that, Fritz Chess, Founder, was a science journalist, worked in nutraceuticals and had a landscaping business but he always had an interest in herbal medicine. After searching for a device where he could do his own extractions, Fritz decided to create his own and built a table top contraption called Coldfinger, based on the work of Franz Von Soxhlet, a 19th and early 20th century German agricultural chemist.

The company is now one of the three large extraction equipment companies, selling high end extraction equipment to the rapidly expanding state licensed Producer and Processor and Retailer communities serving medical and adult- cannabis users. The lion’s share of unit sales are still the smaller Coldfinger extractors, but the majority of their revenue is derived from the Hi-Flow CO2 systems.

Eden used to create and build custom solutions for clients, but their new manufacturing process focuses on off-the-shelf adjustable volume Hi-Flo extraction equipment, Coldfinger devices, distillery equipment, and accessories. They are currently negotiating adding distributors in Oregon, California, and Jamaica to service demand in those growing cannabis markets. Overall, cannabis extraction accounts for 85-90 percent of Eden Labs sales and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon with the rapidly growing industry demand that will continue as more state’s come online.

Eden Labs is refining their mission to create safe and well functioning systems that create healthy extractions. Their website promotes Eden Labs as the only company to capitalize on the pioneering work with pressurized ethanol and water at the USDA food sciences research facility in Peoria, Illinois. There, USDA scientists found that pressurized ethanol and/or water was often superior to other methods including supercritical CO2, in extracting natural products. Eden Labs is the only company offering high pressure solvent extractors based on this research.

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