DropSens is an Innovative Technology-Based Firm specialised in the design and manufacture of instruments for Electrochemistry Research, based in Oviedo, Spain.

DropSens develop screen-printed electrodes, based on thick-film hybrid technology, with the aim of providing researchers with a powerful tool for the development of electrochemical sensors of diverse nature: chemical, enzyme, immune and genosensors, etc.

These sensors are aimed for important applications in the fields of clinical analysis, environmental and food control. Screen-printed electrodes offer a number of advantages versus conventional electrodes: they are suitable for working with microvolumes and for decentralized assays (point of care tests), etc.

With the aim of miniaturising electrochemical instruments, DropSens have focused in the design and development of portable potentiostats which offer the main electrochemical techniques while retaining the accuracy of bigger instruments and offering an easy-to-use computer interface.

DropSens develop a continuous R&D work in order to incorporate the last technological advances to Electrochemistry, such as the advantages of Nanotechnology; as a consequence, for example DropSens already supply carbon nanotubes solutions and nanomaterials-modified screen-printed electrodes.

DropSens main strengths is our flexibility for custom products manufacturing.

For this reason, DropSens offer the possibility of manufacturing tailored instruments and electrodes following researcher’s specifications, including different designs and materials.

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