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Binding Affinity

Adi Ben Yaakovl; Application specialist

Understanding binding affinity is key to the appreciation of the intermolecular interactions driving biological processes, structural biology, and structure-function relationships. It is also measured as part of the drug discovery process to help design drugs that bind their targets selectively and specifically.

Surface area & porosity

Edited: Adi Ben-Yaakov

Surface area and porosity are important physical properties that influence the quality and utility of many materials and products. Therefore, it is critically important that these characteristics be accurately determined and controlled. Likewise, knowledge of surface area and especially porosity often is an important key to understanding the formation, structure, and potential application of many natural materials

Working with powders

Freeman Technology

Powders are utilised extensively across a broad range of industries and yet many of the flow properties of powders remain poorly understood. As final products, they are diverse in nature and may exist in the form of a loose powder in a sachet, a fluidised toner in a laser printer, or a powder that has been compressed into a tablet. The process operations employed during the manufacturing cycle are numerous, and can be very different in nature. It is perhaps no surprise then, when we consider the number of variables in a formulation, the diversity of unit operations employed during manufacturing, and the variety of applications, that working with powders is challenging.

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